"Thank you Tribeca Care for being there when we could not, for being our eyes and ears when ours were too far to see or hear and above all for being the walking stick for someone who needed it badly.

Thank you for everything." Sutapa Roy Ramanan
"I have recently signed up with Tribeca Care for my father, mainly to provide him support during and after his knee surgery. The Care Manager, Mr Debasish Sanyal, who was appointed for my father has since provided an absolutely impeccable quality of support and care. He always made himself available whenever my father needed him, be it for a sudden hospitalization need in the middle of the night or spending almost 10-12 hours on another day to help with his hospital check up. It has been a very pleasant and comforting experience for us so far with Tribeca. I sincerely wish the greatest success for this nascent company to fill in the gap in geriatric care in Kolkata and eventually other parts of India." Jayanta Bose, California
"TribeCa Care is bringing quality care for elders at their homes in Kolkata. In these modern times, this service has a critical need for today's families where sometimes elders are living alone away from their children due to work or other reasons. Me and my two sisters are also away from Kolkata where our professions have taken us. Our father lived alone in our Salt Lake flat after our mother passed away few years back. About one and a half years back, he started feeling very lonely and depressed and had a reduced interest in his daily activities. We were very worried and started looking for an elder care service in Kolkata. I am very glad that we chose TribeCa Care for my father. As he started talking with the care manager regularly and had very caring ayahs at home, his mood started improving slowly, he would go for walks with the ayahs and do the activities that his health would permit. TribeCa Care cared for my father for one and a half years accompanying him to doctor visits, labs, walks, shaving trips and whatever else he desired. My father passed away recently but we know that he lived with dignity in the last stages of his life.

Providing elder care customised to a family's specific need is not an easy business. This is because every family is unique and has specific restrictions, challenges and problems. However, TribeCa Care is striving really hard to provide this while also providing a reliable care service to our parents. I wish them all the best." Sanghamitra Roy, Jotno customer