"Thanks for following up on the nursing care that you are arranging for my dad at 9A Pranabananda Road, Garia, Kolkata-700084. Rita and Lakshmi are providing us satisfactory service. There has not been any absences in recent times. When one of them is unable to come for a day, they arrange between themselves such that one does two shifts in tandem, and the other person comes in and fills up the next two shifts. This also is rare. Overall there has not been any major problem.

Milan, who collects the charges from mother, also enquires about services, and in case of any issues, my mother, Dolly Bose contacts him and gets fast response.

Thanks also for sharing details of reliable 24x7 maid service through TribecaCare. I will let you know (or my mother will) on what we decide on this.

Also, I have spoken to Milan on how I can pay online the charges that are billed for the nursing care to Manick Krishna Bose. It wont be on a regular basis, but for the times that my mother has not been able to gather the cash at home. She generally relies on someone (my sister) to come home to go to bank, etc." Dipanjan Basu
"To whom it may concern,

I would like to commend Tribeca for their extremely efficient service.

Our night nurse failed to show up for personal reasons, and even though we were assured that someone else would be sent in her place the following day( today being Sunday) a new nurse was arranged within hours.

We really appreciate it, as the patient in question is in critical care, and cannot be left alone even for short periods." Priyanjali Ray
"When my father returned home after spending over a week in hospital, he needed help. Being away, I decided to engage Tribeca Care.

Tribeca Care promptly assigned a Care Manager, Mr. Debashish Sanyal, to manage and coordinate my father’s medical and non-medical needs. Ever since Mr. Sanyal has been handling the job professionally and with compassion. He is always available over phone when needed. He has also been keeping me updated through email and over phone on my father’s latest state. Tribeca has also been sharing with me my father’s medical test reports and billing information in a prompt and efficient manner.

Both my father and I are happy with Tribeca’s service. Thank you Tribeca!" Shibaji Basu, on Feb 10, 2017