Life is full of tension, stress and depression but sometimes we need to forget all our difficulties and just enjoy exploring new places. It is known to everyone that holidays make you richer. Elders should definitely take holidays to stay active and healthy. No matter what you age, it is possible to return to your passion for travel and enhance your sense of accomplishment. So, keep away all your stress & tensions from your life for few days and explore the beautiful places.

TriBeCa Care provides the opportunity to explore new places and experience the beauty of travelling, without worrying about hotel bookings, finance management and meal arrangement.

Holiday Packages

Why TriBeCa Care?

Comfort & Convenience

Your comfort means everything to us. We ensure that you travel comfortably. From hotels that are friendly to elderly people, to wheelchair assistance, we provide end to end support. In addition, our itineraries are specially customized to ensure that you can visit the tourist spots without causing stress to your health, and adequate rest time is included.

Friendly Tour Managers

We provide friendly, helpful tour managers who provide assistance at airports, at tourist spots, hotel check in and more. Our competent, experienced tour managers will be available for assistance at all points, whether you require health related support, to understand the local language or to complete formalities with regards to the tours.

Trusted Travel Provider

Our experience with delivering services for the elderly also ensure that we provide managed elder travels for you. We will keep you informed about all plans in detail, including costs and arrangements, services included in the packages, and all services that you can avail of. All arrangments and expense costs will be transparent and above board, so you do not face any untoward surprises.

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