Travel Assistance

Assistance with Passport

  1. Online passport interview
  2. Assistance with filling form
  3. Reminder before the date of interview
  4. Accompany till passport office

Assistance with flight tickets

  1. Manage itinerary in case of multiple travel
  2. Print e-tickets
  3. Online check- in (if needed)

Assistance with Visa

  1. Visa for Sri Lanka
  2. Fixing your appointments
  3. Reminder before the date of interview
  4. Accompany you to VISA office

Assistance at Airport

  1. Drop till Kolkata airport
  2. Put baggage in trolley
  3. Pickup from airport
  4. Arranging for wheelchairs at the airport

Doctor on-call facility

Doctor on-call facility is available at the hotels. We understand, wherever your parents go, you are bothered. We are here to take care of your parents when they are in holidays. If they face any health issues, immediately doctors will be available on the phone to suggest them medicines.

Wheelchair facility

Seniors who have mobility issues, wheelchairs are readily available to make your travel easier. If you suffer from knee pain during your trip or if you are afraid of walking, wheelchairs will be provided to you.

Suitable meals

Our tour guides are extremely experienced and caring; they will help you to find your suitable foods whenever required, if you are not comfortable with the local cuisines.

Comfortable travel vehicles

We provide comfortable AC coach vehicles with cozy seats for you to make your journey memorable. In the hot and dry weather, AC vehicles will help you to be relaxed and active throughout the day.

Guide for luggage

Things you should carry

  • Medicine- Medicine is the most important thing. If you forget your medicine that could be a disaster. Make sure that you should carry your medicine bag.
  • Tickets and Passports- Carry a handbag and don’t forget to put your tickets, passports and visa in the bag.
  • Clothes- Check the weather of the place you are visiting and carry winter clothes if the place has cold weather. And yes, don’t forget to carry your umbrella and sunglasses because you will be visiting the place for the whole day, so you need those things.
  • You should carry your tooth brush, toothpaste and shampoo (if you need). Use name templates in your luggages, so that you don’t miss anyone.

Things not to carry

  • Sharp objects – Don’t carry sharp objects like, nail cutter, knife and any other spiky stuff.
  • Towels- No need to carry towels, hotels will provide you pillows, towels, soaps and water bottles.